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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Doing business in Nigeria nowadays is too costly. If you want to invest in production sector, you will have to contend with energy problem. The fact is you will ended up using most of your capital to power your generating set which in the long run will increase your overhead cost astronomically thereby eroding on your profit margin if you ever make any. What of the cost of raw materials used as input in the production process which seems to be shooting up to the roof on a daily basis. So investment on production is out of it for now.
I think trading is ok.Whatever the case one is likely to break even. Barring no unusual circumstances in which one does not have control over. If you are a Nigerian you will understand what I mean. There is other area that seems to be very lucrative. Some are highly capital intensive, while in others you will have to be bold, in some trickish, in some a perfect liar and in others you must have a ‘calling’radiating all over you before you can thread this path.
My business have not been doing well for sometime now, so I have been thinking and I have even took time out to engage some people in a think tank. After all said and done, I was able to come up with this lofty and laudable idea, which to my mind will raise my status in the Nigeria society and at the same time make, me a wealthy man. Some brave and hard people both men and women are ready to come on board with me and the name of this new company is ‘Thuggery  Nigeria Limited’
Our aim and objective is to satisfy our clients, by making the general public to show and accord them the necessary respect. We are ready to go to any length to achieve this. We will make the perceived enemies of our clients to be in constant awe of them. So for those people such as professors, industrialist, People of the fourth state of realm, culturedand refined people of Nigeria including religionist that have interest in politics but does not know how to recruit thugs by virtue of their public status should get in touch with our company. I and member of my team are ready to do this for them, so that they can participate fully in politics and as well become very powerful politicians.
Good people of Nigeria what is your opinion as to this idea of mine? I want your comments on this. The point I am trying to make is that it’s high time our legislator put an end to this senseless shameful act of thyggery in all our facets of life. It’s very archaic and embarrassing. At this age our politicians still belief that the only way they deem fit to win an election is by engaging the services of thugs.Moreso these are the set of politicians that throw caution to the wind once they get to office by becoming unctrollable since they know that they to the office by rigging, so they are not answerable to us. The problem of thuggery as ever been with us but it always become more pronounced during democracy period. This pattern has to be altered because we know that there is always increase in criminal activities immediately after politics and this as a result of an increase in the number of weaponry at the disposal of these thugs. Since they don’t have job again most of them make use of this weapon to engage in criminal activities.
I believe nobody prayed to be social misfit, if the settings are right in such a way that everybody engages in one form of economic activities. So Nigerian leaders wake up to your responsibilities by coming up with good economic plan and agenda that will make this country a safe haven for all Nigerians to live in. If you think you can indulge your own children to the detriment of the children of the masses of this great nation, you are joking. God will punish whoever among you that is not sincere to the course of this country especially if you fail to do what is right. I mean right things that will break this nation from the shackle of poverty and get her to the rightful position in the comity of nation. A word they usually say is enough for the wise.
Thank you.
Quadri  A K
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