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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yesterdays election results in Ogun and Oyo state has shown clearly that people are tired of PDP government in the two states. The people are more than happy with the outcome of the result. The results was not declared until late in the evening, and our joy knew no bound when the Returning  Officer eventually announced the results couple of minutes after nineteen hundred hours, and the entire people of the state went into frenzy jubilation saying the waiting  is worthwhile. Is it our suffering under the scorching sun that we will mention off or our experience with some people that were bent on forcing people to vote for a particular candidate by offering the voters bribe in a public glare, and this pervades the entire polling booth across the states. Reports confirmed the arrest of well known individuals who were caught with ballot papers. Actually the status quo would have remained the same, but we give God the glory.
At this juncture I would like to impress it on the incoming government both in Oyo and Ogun  state to take a cue from Lagos and Osun state. The truth is people in the south west decided to make this deserved changes in the two states based on the performance of Governor Fashola and Governor  Aregbesola.So we expect the the two incoming governors to make sure they do everything within their capacity to achieve what the two ACN governors have been able to achieve in terms of  their performance even if not tried to surpass them.
The people of the two states expect their incoming governors to solve the problem of youth unemployment, decayed infrastructural facilities, educational problem, food shortages due to problems in the agricultural sector, housing problem, energy and problem associated with provision of adequate supply of pipe borne water.
We believe that with our unflinching stand and resolve to give you our mandate to steer our affairs for the next four years, you will not let us down. As a quick reminder you must have it at the back of your mind that it is only your service interms of your performance in delivering the dividend of democracy through various developmental programs which is expected to reflect on the entire citizen of the states in no short time will earn you the second term ticket and not intimidation, bribery, and violent act few days before the 2015 election. A word they say its enough…………………………………..
For people who have been following me on my Blog, I hope you will now agree with me that after all I am not just blabbing. If you recall what I postulate in my write ups (Political Issues In Nigeria before 2011 Election) concerning the recent happenings in the ruling party and the changes that has just been effected through the peoples voting power, then this will serve as a wake up call to the party leaders in Nigeria that people are tired o looters camouflaging as leaders.
On a final note, and this still bothers me to say the least. The President should found a way out to demonetize the Nations politics. Your persistent slogan before and after the election was your desire t transform the country,economically,politically and putting he Nation n a pedestal where she belongs in the comity of Nation. How do you intend to achieve this with the way government is being run in this country? Remember you pledge just a term, but the truth is if you are able to perform the unthinkable, I mean if the Nigeria Nation should work under your leadership, belief you me, I trust my people they would gladly throw back the mantle of leadership on your lap and ask you to continue.
I pray that all of our leaders that have just been voted into office will receive grace and ability to perform creditably well from God. Amen.
 Thank You.
Quadri  Ayobami Kazeem
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