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Monday, October 3, 2011


For some time now I have not put pen to paper to express my view on issues that has generated lots of arguments in various quarters. The nature and manner in which some of these issues have been treated is some how confusing and at the same time very disheartening. Let me quickly point out these issues and see if solutions can be proffer.
The first has to do with the death of OBL.As a practicing Muslim; I still found it difficult to understand the cause this man was fighting for till he died. I belief a good Muslim will never agree with the cause the man stood for during his life time for reasons we are all aware of. I had to made a reference to OBL has a result of the activities of a religious group known as BOKO HARAM in the country lately. As I have mentioned in some of my write ups in the past that most of the challenges the nation is currently witnessing especially security wise is politically motivated. Though attempts is currently been made to address the grievances of this religious group. Unfortunately it seems they are bent on continuing their dastardly activities. From what I have been made to understand, BOKOHARAM means western education is fraud. If this is so then why are they using bomb which happens to be the product of western education to perpetrate their devilish acts and unleashing terror on the polity? What of the killing of innocent people? This is why I will never agree or support anyone, or group of people hiding under the cloak of religion to perpetrate terrorist act.
Nigerian Muslims have a lot of work to do. If we want people to belief that Islamic religion is a religion of peace, then we should be ready to condemn the activities of these people. The political classes up north and the Northern Emirs must come out and speak against the activities of this religious group out-rightly in order to clear their already tarnished image. Tongues are wagging and people are already pointing accusing fingers in the direction of the Northern leaders. My only advice is that they should take a cue in the murder of some of the political and religious leaders who have supported this group in the past. It is very clear that they are not ready to engage in dialogue, they do not even want anyone to mediate in the matter going by the recent killing of a faction leader of the group just because he granted a former President audience.Regrettably enough the religious group claimed they are not responsible for the death of the faction leader. The question is who did?
All these are happening just because power has shifted down south. So who is to blame for this? PDP of course. They brought this upon the whole country because of their Zoning arrangement.
There are other dissent groups in the south who have also put the nation in a bad mood in the past due to their terrorist activities, why are they not likened as Christian fundamentalist. Muslim leaders wake up from your slumber and take pain to correct whatever is wrong with this religion of ours. I belief something is wrong because I still can not comprehend what they must have told Mutallab before he agreed to carry out hara-kiri.
Muslim world think and practice what you preached. If truly our religion stand for peace then the religion doctrine as stipulated in the Holy Quran should be uphold. I do not belief that Islamic religion is premised on corruption. However the corruptive tendencies and behavior exhibited by the leadership of some Muslim countries in recent time should be a concern to the Muslim world. We are a living witness to what has happen in Egypt,Yemen,Libya,Bharain,Tunisia and Yemen just to mention a few.
So as an advice to the Islamic religion leaders up north, any teaching that is divisive and likely to bring chaos should not be condone. It is high time for them to put a stop to incessant killings that usually occur among the Muslim and Christians. It is very embarrassing seeing the upholder of the two faiths going up in arms against each other. Enough is enough. Nigerians are tired.
Putting an end to the spate of bombing in the northern part of the country, I think the onus rest on the shoulder of the Northern elders and the spiritual leader of the Islamic religion in the country. We hope the issue will be addressed and treated with the urgency and importance it required. Thank you.
Quadri Kazeem
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