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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Dear Sir,
Letter Of introduction.
We are pleased to introduce our company to you, with the intention of establishing a long lasting business relationship with your goodselves. We are a young company with vested interest in various aspect of Nigeria economy, and our vision is to become a major player in the downstream sector of the Nigeria oil industry. Our interest in borne out of the newly introduced deregulation policy of the federal Government of Nigeria, and to give our unflinching support to this policy and our belief in it that given ample time and with all the economic indices fallen into place and the hope that the policy will not be circumvent by the next democratic government: In the long run the Nigeria economic will be the better for it. We derive our enthusiasm taking a cue from what is happening in the Nigeria, telecommunication industry; where the price level is fallen almost everyday due to the stiff competition resulting in price war among the various player in the sector; and this can also happen in the oil sector in the long run. Deregulation is aiming at allowing the market forces to determine the actual price level and this as paved way for many private led organization both local and international to show interest in the Nigeria economy and investors have been strolling in ever since the introduction of the policy. So we are using this medium to beckon to you too to come and explore the Nigeria oil sector by partnering with us. Our major asset is resourcefulness, forward looking, honesty, doggedness and transparency. Bearing in mind the various agency that Nigeria government has put in place to fight economic crime, the issue of advance free fraud popularly known as 419 in Nigeria context is gradually been nipped in the bud; and the agency responsible for this in order for it not to rear its ugly head is known as Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC). Recently Nigeria has been castigated as the second most corruption nation in the world by the International Transparency Organisation; the assertion which I find to be untrue in the rear sense of the term. Firstly what are the indices uses before arriving at their conclusion. Most of the economic Crime that Nigerians have been accused of is always borne out of the greediness of the foreign victims. My belief is stemmed out of the fact that there is no way one can fall a victim, if not out of greediness. The only problem Nigeria has is that we are not descrete in the way we handle our affairs compared to the people in developed world. At least a major International Oil Company in the Nigeria oil industry was recently accused for both sharp practices and fraudulent act not only in Nigeria but also by the Government of its Parenting Company. The issue of weather our political climate is conducive enough for investors to come in, need not be over flogged any longer as Nigeria government in its wisdom has been able to stemmed the tide of crime waves in the country recently and these can be attested to by various investment that has accrue to the nations economic as a form of democracy dividend. In fact the crime rate in Nigeria is not as high compared to some of the known International Cities all over the world. Like I use to advice various people I have made contact with, you do not need to make overtures to nay Nigerian before you can get information , the world has become a global village. All the necessary information can be source via the Internet: albeit for equity sake we would want you to have us in mind. Meanwhile, due to the bad condition of the nations refinery which seems to have defied all solutions towards turning it around for some time now and the one that is working, is working under below capacity level. This has resulted to the importation of refined petroleum product such as PMS, AGO, DPK and Base Oil from abroad in order to curb scarcity. For would be importer of Base Oil, he must have a blending plant. Both the nation Petroleum Company (NNPC), and independent indigenous marketers operating in the country and private led organization are all informed. The modalities and condition that must be met for the would be importers of this products are always released periodically. So in case you are interested to partner with us, we are ready to send you this guidelines or you can as well explore a Nigeria newspaper website (www. to view this guidelines. Infact participating in this will be a prerequisite towards setting up our own private refinery which is a sinequanon towards contributing our own quotes towards the upliftment of the Nigerian economy. However, the nations Department of Petroleum Resources, and the Petroleum Products Pricing agents are acting as regulatory agency to curb the excesses of major player in the industry in order to protect the consumers by making sure that pump prices are not increased beyond the prevailing market price. Though this is an antidote to cushion the bearing effect of deregulation policy in the short run, as time goes on government will have to let go off the Oil Business. Although this could be seen as a step away from what deregulation policy is preaching, but they are in a better position to know what is suppose to be the actual prevailing market price of the products since their parental company also involved in importation business. Infact this is a political score for Nigeria government in its bid to cut down sharp practices and fraudulent activities in the nations economy. We look forward to a favourable response from you and we hope we would commence business dealings soon. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. Yours faithfully, Quadri Ayobami Kazeem For mgt.

The above letter was written couple of years ago during the tenure of President Obasanjo when deregulation policy was belief to be an effective economic policy to bail Nigeria out of her present comatose.
My position regarding the policy still stands till today.Though no nation in her right sense will leave all her srategic industries to the whim and caprices of private led organization or privatization.What they do is commercialization of these industries.Nigeria economy should not be an exception.However the truth is our problem has become systemic and nobody is ready to bear the cat.Untill we were able to have the right leadership at the helms of affairs,the issue of corruption that has eroded our entire being economically,politically and socially will continue unabated.
The truth apart from the fact that corruption has affected our entire being,it has affected the entire sector of the Nigeria economy.Everybody is playing the surviving game.
Most of the political leaders are there to perpetuate themselves in power and also to fight for their pockets.They are no longer fighting for the cause of the people that gave them the mandate except to better their own lots.The surving game.Nigeria politician does not protect their citizenery rather they play politics with their lifes.In recent time nearly every workers in the Nigeria economic sector have been agitating for salary increment and nothing has been done.So if a policeman or any Nigeria workers is accused of bribery and corruption,are they not justified?Bearing in mind Nigerians experiences in recent time regarding the state of the nations economy.
We need decisive leaders.Leaders that are not corrupt.Leaders that will call a spade a spade.Leaders not killers.Leaders that will have the cause of the nations at heart.Leaders with lion heart,not present crop of leaders with anticident of thuggery.From north to south,east to west what we are currently exeperiencing is act of criminality.Kidnapping,Assasination,thugery and corruption at both lower and higher level.All these are still what I called surviving games.
Nigeria as a nation does not have problem.Our problem is bad leadership and systemic corruption.
We need leaders not liars. Leaders that have the interest of Nigerians at hearth.The issue of Niger delta is till there.What do we call them now?Are they really freedom fighters or criminals in duisgise.The polity is getting heat up by the day.
We are not even sure what EFCC stand for anymore.During Ribadu’s era,the usual talk was that it was set up to witch hunt the perceived Government enemies.To some extent the agency did just justified the reason why it was set up,going by the virtue of its actions then.Though uptil now there are still some knotty issues that Ribadu failed to address while in office.
This time around if Madam Ribadu is sincere I think the recent sanitation in the financial sector as she claimed should not stop there.People have started asking question on the issue of Mrs Ibru.Is she the only one.What was meted to Mrs Ibru should be done to others,so that we will be convinced that truly it is not as if some people are been targeted for punishment.
The problem in the nations power sector still remain a mystery up till today.How do we as a nation intend to keep up with the global pace with the world economy been digitalized every day.
Like I said Nigeria economy is till explorable in all sector of her economy.My company is still looking for partnership that might be interested to invest in the Nigeria economy.Nigeria economy still remain the best economic driver in Africa.Until the nation is blessed with the right leadership,Nigeria economy will continue to look up to the private sector for economic growth and development rather than the commercialization of the nations strategic Industries.
We hope and pray that the incoming government next year will have human face.Untill then we are still praying to Chineke,Olorun,Allah to rescue us from the hands of charlatans parading themselves as leaders.
Expect to read my views as time goes on mainly on issues that borders on Nigeria polity.
Thank you.
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