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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Events of last two weeks have shown that we are about to witness an interesting development in the Nigeria polity. Before pointing out these events, I would want us to cast our mind back to the issue of zoning arrangements in the People’s Democratic Party. Albeit the issue of zoning is PDPs’ affairs. The nations’ president can even come from the remotest part of the country, so far the person in question possesses all the attributes and quality a good leader should have.
My point is, had it been that late president Umaru Musa Yaradua did not died in office, will he or will he not continue in office? Which in essence will confirm the zoning arrangements.Recents comments by most politicians both within the PDP and outside PDP fold is nothing but mere politicking.
As I have pointed out the zoning arrangements does not concerns Nigerians,PDP should try to put its house in order,because a house divided against itself can not stand.Infact there are cracks on the wall already and the structure seems to be falling down.
Now just last week former Vice President Atiku Abubakr was named as the consensus candidate for the northern region which put him against the incumbent President in the party’s forthcoming primary election for the election of the party’s sole candidate for presidential election. Few hours after the announcement, he took the government to the cleaner through series of allegation and counter allegations which borders on economy, especially our foreign reserves that has been deflated considerably. The truth is the President has to come out with a good explanation as to most of these allegations. One of the nations tabloids had reported few months back that Nigeria foreign reserves has nose dived. It borders me to say the least that Mr. President did not take the allegation serious except for him to label Alhaji Atiku as a traitor. Does it not border him that those allegations is a dent on his ambition and a political score for Alhaj Atiku.We all know all that transpired between the former President Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo and his Vice as they were neck deep against each other at the second and the unaccomplished third term of their administration .The fact is Obasanjo can never be comfortable with Alhaj Atiku as the Nigeria President. So Chief Obasanjo’s comments as to the Candidature of Alhaj Atiku is no surprise, couple of weeks back PDP lost Ekiti state to Action Congress Of Nigeria, and just last week Friday the unthinkable happened, in a twinkle of an eye,Osun state was captured by ACN.
I foresee a change taking place both in Ogun and Oyo state next year. With the Judiciary taking their rightful position in the scheme of things especially with the issue of ringing and other electoral malpractices, we now have an unwithered confidence in our judiciary. However we hope most election will be won next year through the ballot without recourse to the law court. I supported people who are clamoring for the prosecution of any erring electoral officers in the coming election. Professor Jega might have good intention, but he would not be on the field. He is there to conduct a credible election spelt out to him by Mr. President which might not be possible unless he makes sure the surviving game (bribery) is not allowed to take effect within his fold. Is this possible? We are watching.
The PDP’s presidential primary election is surely going to be an interesting one. People will be very surprised as to the turn out of events. I laughed, when I heard the President saying that people must not patronize money bag politician. There is no way you can divest money from Nigeria Politics. People are improverish, so how do you expect them not to take bribe. In my last article I made a submission on the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta wether they are freedom fighters or criminals in duisguise.The truth is someone you tagged a criminal, terrorist or whatever might as well be a messiah to some people. The people of Niger delta are in a better position to answer this question. Back to the issue of leadership, the Niger deltas’ leaders also have lots of questions to answer as to the low levels of economic development of their area. Rivers, Akwa ibom, others are still wallowing in abject poverty despite enormous resources that is accruing to them in terms of derivation fund and monthly subvention from the federal government. I think it will be better to point out here that PDP is likely to loose Delta state to ACN in the next year election also. In recent times it has become glaring that the people of Niger delta are using oil as an economic weapon for power shift to the south region of the country. If you ask me wether they have succeeded will say yes to certain extent. Late President Yaraduarealized it, that was what necessitated the amnesty offer to the freedom fighters. I doubt if they can be cowed into submission. Just last week warri refinery was grounded to a halt again due to the activities of these freedom fighters. Abuja bombing is still fresh in our memory.
I hope the government security operatives can analyze the situation well enough because this people can do anything to make sure they hold on to power as long as it last. The truth is I am fully in support of their cause. Our problem is a complex one, bearing in mind that our economy is a monoproduct economy. Probably one can deduce why the freedom fighters are using destruction of oil pipelines and a weapon. Reduction in sales of oil barrel means reduction in revenue accruing to the nation’s reserves thereby resulting in dwindling fortunes.
We no longer needed leaders who would want to use ethnics and religion bigotry to appeal to our sense of judgement.We want credible and a leader with a human face. As for me, I am yet to see the right person for the office of president of Nigeria.Nigerians will know their president the very first day he’s sworn in. Do I hear you say how? Yes you will know by his pronouncements as to issues of corruption. If he proclaims death sentence, life imprisonment to all offences bordering on corrupt practices relative to its magnitude. Including offences like, armed robbery, kidnapping, thuggery, arson, human trafficking, drug trafficking, rioting, assassination and rape.
Once this is done, everybody will sit up. Those that found the terrain difficult to operate in will leave. Thereby paving way for our kindred in diaspora to come back home and contribute their own quotas towards nation’s growth and development.
Thank you.
Quadri A Kazeem
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