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Monday, November 15, 2010



Information technology device simply refers to those devices which are
used inconjuction with other Technological based devices such as
Computer system, Laptop, Cellphones, Ipods etc.
These devices include
@ Memory cards in various sizes ranging from 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB,
8GB,16GB etc
@Flash drives also in different sizes and brands ranging from 120MB,1G, 2GB,4GB,8GB etc.There is also the Antivirus types.
Both Memory cards and Flash drives are mainly storage device.
@ Card Readers. Different sizes and Brands.
@Usb Plug and Play. This is used mostly for a computer system that
those not have an inbuilt Bluetooth Mechanism or for a Laptop whose Bluetooth is faulty.
@ Car MP3 Bluetooth.This device is used for automobiles. It is used to
answer calls while driving. Instead of picking a call while driving, once
its fitted on your car,you only need to press it to answer your call.It has an inbuilt memory card slot where you can store music of your choice
and listenen to it while driving,you can even access radio stations on it.
@ Bluetooth Headset.This is a wireless device with a mechanism for answering phone without hoding your phone.It is made in such a way that
you can answer your call while you have your phone probably 8 kms
@Universal serial bus(USB) Cables,Hub,usb to sound,usb to LAN(Local Area Network),All these are mainly for port extension purposes etc.
@External Laptop Cooling Fan.This is used for a laptop that has a faulty
cooling fan.You just placed it by its side while working.
@USB External Hard Disk Drive.This also a storage device made for travelers especially for people that uses desktop.The beauty of it is, you only need to download all your documents into the drive and take it along with you.
I would tried to give detail analysis of this write ups soon.
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