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Thursday, April 21, 2011


The world has spoken and the verdict has been given. The incumbent President was returned as the number one citizen to steer the affairs of the Nigerian nation for the next four years. He scored about twenty three million out of the total number of the vote casted. He came tops in twenty three states and won the required twenty five percent in thirty one states, Federal capital inclusive. The CPC candidates came second with twelve million votes, winning in fourteen states and scoring the required twenty five percent in sixteen states of the federation. The ACN candidates came third winning in one states and scoring the required twenty five percent in four states. So congratulations Mr. President.
With the announcement of the President as the winner of the election an orgy of violence break out both in the core North and the North central. There are three reasons responsible for this.
Firstly the perceptions of some Northerners’ as to the fact that it is still their turn to remain in Aso Rock remain unshaken. So when their candidates lost the PDP presidential primary, the CPC candidates seems to be their last resort. Immediately after the PDP presidential primary, one can recall that the former VP belief the election was rigged.
On the day of the election while watching news on the nations television stations, the CPC candid dates claim that a day preceding the election day, he heard a report that aircraft were moving ballot boxes throughout the country and that they were actually thumb printing inside the aircraft. We all now the pedigree of the CPC candidates and its primary constituency, it’s going to be fool hardy to ask him to discard his source.
Lastly the electorate in the Northern part of the country found it difficult to believe the voting pattern that came out of the south south and the south east of the federation. They did not belief that eighty percent of the total registered voters can participate in an election where only about forty percent came out to vote in other part of the country. This is exactly what pervade most of the south eastern states.Infact in some states in the south east the President scored about ninety nine percent, while the CPC candidates scored less than thousands. However to my own submission I think it is possible. The President happens to be their own kind, so it presupposes that the people are expected to troop out in large number and vote for him just as thy did up north for CPC candidate. My brothers and sisters up north should not forget that the Vice president is of their own, so it is possible for the President to score as high as he did up north even then twice now he had failed to win his ward. Also the general belief among Nigerians is that the President is a good person, but unfortunately he his in a thieving party.
My observation in the Presidential election was that the security was a bit relaxed compared to what we experienced in the National assembly election. We hope this mistake is not going to be repeated during the Gubernatorial and State assembly poll. Their existed a clear cut intimidation of electorate in he last election In some areas in my state. People were been asked to vote for a particular party and bribe were been offered in the process.
On a last note I believe all the claims and counter claims been made by the CPC should be taken to a law court where their case can be established there by allowing the rule of law to take its course. As for my brothers and sisters up north, they should have waited till the next election and massively voted for the candidates of their choice to show their grievances. Burning of houses and killing of innocent citizens is not the right way.Learnt that the Palace of the Emir of Kano was also touched, this is a new dimension to the happening in the north and this gives a great concern. Check out what is happening in the Muslim world in recent time. Hope you are getting my drift? Please all the ruling Emirs especially the Sultan should do something urgently to stem the tide of this ugly trend.
Thank you.
Quadri Ayobami Kazeem
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