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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My own definition of number one public enemy or what I belief it really mean is a non conformist. Someone that does not belief in the set rules and principles guiding a community or a society. A non conformist will do everything to aid, abet injustice and at the same time pervert justice.
Non conformist are found everywhere. They are in politics, social, religion and economic circle.
It is however interesting to note that the case described above is not always true in a compromised society. In an already compromised state, you are termed number one public enemy if you refused to be compromised. Some people will even have the audacity to say it to your face that you are in insane.
Well I do not know whether this is peculiar to the developing nation alone. People of the developed world should please tell us if this is the same pattern that exists in your countries.
You are considered a misfit if you don’t take bribe, if you don’t cheat in an examination, rig an election, if you are not smart as to swindle your fellow human being. This is the ratrace that has taking over our land.
You are tagged number one public enemy the moment they found you out as a nonconformist to the set rules, guidelines and conventional beliefs that pervades an already compromised settings.
Thank you.
Quadri Ayobami Kazeem
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