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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Good morning.Salaam.Peace be on to you.All these are forms of greetings.Allahu akbar.Halelujah.These  are ways of extolling God which translates to God is great and God be praised.Olori oh ah!Tu ale!Are also forms of greetings. I know you will be wondering what sort of language this is.Olori in Yoruba means two things at least to my own understanding of the language.Olori means head of an organization while it also means King’s wife. To be candid I found it difficult to comprehend the second phrase Tu Ale.
However, for those of us that is closer to the NURTW member by virtue of our association with them, either as a commuter or as their neighbor. Most of us are used to their forms of gretings which sometimes seems funny, exciting, and captivating when they are making series of gesticulation to express their mode of greetings. These slogans Olori Oh Ah, Tu Ale and Baba Agba or Baba Agbalagba are what they used in exchanging pleasantries among themselves and also for someone they adore as a form of respect. The most commonly used are Olori Oh Ah and Tu Ale. Social miscreants also use them whenever they wanted to solicit for assistance.
The real reason for delving into this area has to do with my experience recently. It really made me scare and it’s also somewhat frightening. I met a university graduate that has just finished his one year compulsory service using these slogans in a way reminiscent to the way social miscreants used them. The graduate is of the cerebral type based on my assessment of him.Eversince I came across this guy, the question that has been agitating my mind is: Could it be that he has been recruited into their fold? Or is it that the young man has found solace in the midst of these miscreants? You may be wondering why all these question. It just has to do with our daily experience, lots of things are happening out there and if care is not taking one is likely to fall into wrong circle all in the name of wanting to survive under harsh economic condition in which we found ourselves. The young graduate is now in the outside world and he suddenly realized that thuggery is  well recognized and accommodated in our society.Moreso since in the present political dispersion their services seems to be in high demand. One will not be surprised if this our young decided to take up job as a political thug if eventual he was unable to get a good job or even start a business on his own. So a graduate that has been thought the power of pen right from the rudimentary stage up to university level will now embrace matchets,cudgel,axe even gun as tool.May day.May day.May day.Are we not getting it wrong already?
Nigerian politicians should try to put an end to thuggery glorification.Infact the use of thug in Nigeria politics should end forthwith. Acknowledgement of their services should end with the payments given. Inviting them for thanksgiving in the house of God in the glare of congregation that has been in awe of them through the news they have heard about this people is not acceptable. The truth is these people are also tired of been refer to as thug or kingpin whatever .Several times leaders of NURTW have clamed to be  partisan politicians themselves and not thug as some politicians have claim. If the NURTW claim is true then it is left for them to shun any politician that might want to use or recruit their member to engage in thuggery activities during the forthcoming election.
They should take a cue from the recent killing of Alhaji Lateef Salako Elewe omo under very strange circumstances. The man was killed during People Democratic Party state primary. May God grant his family, friends and associates the grace to bear the loss. Unfortunately the man still has an aged mother. A serving senator has been accused for the murder. I would just implore the Oyo state commissioner of police to thread softly, because from all indication it seems they have some how crucify the man already going by what we read on the pages of newspaper. However there is a twist to the whole story as the state primary election of the senatorial district of the accused senator has been councilled.This only shows that his party does not belief the man is responsible for the murder. Secondly the question is will the person that has been declared as the winner will agree for the rerun of the primary?
There is a lesson for the NURTW members to learn from all this. The lesson is warning their members to stay clear of politics.
On a final note, Nigerian government should do everything within its capacity to remove unemployed Nigerian youths from the streets. The problem of unemployment is not associated to graduates alone. It affects all sacked workers as well. Albeit efforts has been made recently to set up a model skill acquisition centre in Abuja fashion after the one in Singapore. I believe the right thing to do is to set up this institution in all the state of the federation and it must be free. Admission into this institution must not be restricted. It should be for anyone that might have interest .Students that finish from this school must be empowered and adequately monitored.
I hope if this is done quickly we will have a respite, atlest for a while.
 Thank you
Quadri Ayobami Kazeem

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